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Super Circular Estate is the winner of 'The Innovation in Politics Award 2020'!


Kerkrade has won ‘The Innovation in Politics Awards 2020’ with the Super Circular Estate project! Super Circular Estate won in the category 'Ecology'. "It's fantastic that Kerkrade has won with the project Super Circular Estate," answers responsible alderman Tim Weijers of the municipality of Kerkrade (Spatial Planning/ Public Space/ Public Housing). He received online the award and congratulations of the professional jury on behalf of the 12 project partners. "This award is a great crowning and achievement for the excellent cooperation and drive for innovation that we all have shown. We are proud to see that this special project, which also contributes to the quality of life in Bleijerheide, is also seen and appreciated far beyond our region in Kerkrade. Alderman Weijers says, ‘’the many thanks and congratulations go to our project partners’’. The prize also includes an award, which soon will come to Kerkrade in the course of December.

Award ceremony

With these awards, The Innovation in Politics Institute aims to recognise and support political work in Europe. Every year, a jury is formed to decide who wins the prize. This year there were 1.058 jurors from 47 countries. From 22 countries, the project received 389 comments on 'excellent submission'. Normally, the prize, which has been awarded yearly since 2017, takes place at a location somewhere in Europe. This year it would be from Berlin, Germany. Due to the Coronavirus it isn’t possible this year. From November the parties presented themselves online and the jury members were able to vote.

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Super Circular Estate

For the construction of new houses and public space the project in Bleijerheide uses as many materials as possible from former high-rise flats. Altogether there will be 130 new affordable rental homes, a communal area for residents and local people, and a water-cycle that collects and purifies the rain water. Super Circular Estate is a circular construction project that focuses on sustainability and resident participation. The project partners are: HEEMWonen, Municipality of Kerkrade, IBA Parkstad, Dusseldorp, Bouwbedrijven Jongen, City Region Parkstad Limburg, WML, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, Zuyd Hogeschool, Veras, Municipality of Landgraaf and Municipality of Brunssum.


Unique about this neighbourhood is, that the houses are made out of the materials of the old flats which were standing here until recently. Former and local residents participate actively in the process about the plans for the area. New methods have been developed and tested in the project to re-use materials such as concrete, bricks and wood for the construction of houses and the construction of the public area (e.g. for the construction of pathways). Also, the water in this new neighbourhood will be used more sustainably.


Super Circular Estate is made possible by a subsidy from Urban Innovative Actions.


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